Unrivaled Color Accuracy for Digital Printers

Our engineers took all our color know-how and bottled it all up into a sure-fire, cloud-based application for managing color on digital printers. CMYK color correction profiles, compatible with all major Digital Front End (DFE) RIPs, are automatically generated as a comprehensive plug-and-play color management system!



A Simple-To-Use Interface, Wrapped Around the Most Sophisticated Color Engine

Our system guides you through a wizard-based UI from start to finish, without the need of advanced color management knowledge. The result is a perfectly calibrated digital printer that is color accurate, and consistent over a press run, day after day.

No Need for a Dedicated Server, Software, and Maintenance Costs

LYNX is an annual subscription solution, which means it no longer is necessary to purchase dedicated computer hardware and software components; all you need is a computer with an Internet connection and a spectrophotometer. Then let LYNX work its magic from the cloud!

Outstanding Gray Balance

With just a few mouse clicks, LYNX stabilizes the color on any digital printer and keeps it performing with color accuracy, consistency, and repeatability.



Growing your digital printing fleet? Simply add another subscription license for each new device, and you are ready to go live with accurate color in minutes!

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With our patented algorithms, not only is color accurately reproduced, but the CMYK toner usage is meticulously calculated to produce outstanding gray balance. Costly reprints and wasted toner will be a thing of the past!

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With a color quality PASS/FAIL validation tool built-in, we no longer need to question whether color-accurate results are achievable – with LYNX the answer will always be an astounding YES!

LYNX Software Subscription

LYNX is an annual subscription license per digital printer, allowing unlimited profile generation and print validation capabilities for each device.


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