Tailor-made Industrial Print Solutions

QRES Technologies designs, manufactures and delivers tailor-made in-line or off-line industrial print solutions. QRES industrial print devices print Primer, CMYK, White, Spot Colors and Varnish on flat or irregular surfaces with an over-edge print option to print multiple sides of an object seamlessly. Systems are integrated into existing manufacturing-lines such as window-frames, window-sills, concrete tiles, furniture, kitchen equipment and automotive parts.

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Qres Extrusion

Customized to Your Specific Needs

Bespoke printing systems, completely built by Qres in-house, give our customers individualized printer solutions that are completely customized to your needs. At Qres Technologies we believe in one face to the customer. We do everything in house and build anything from narrow to wide, single or multi pass solutions. This means the electronics, data path, ink system, motion systems and material handling automation are made by one reliable partner. Try it out yourself and contact us to discuss how digital printing can be integrated into your manufacturing operation.

Patented Inks

A wide selection of full-color inks is available to suit any customer requirement, including versions which are super durable, chemically resistant, flexible, formable and impervious to fading. Primer coatings to ensure maximum adhesion on a variety of materials, and top coatings to improve scratch resistance are also key elements in providing optimal solutions. For outdoor applications, we use patented organic and inorganic outdoor inks to provide a uniquely robust solution for the ultimate performance in the harshest of environmental conditions.

Fully Integrated Industrial Print Production Line

Skipping external decoration processes, such as silkscreen, pad printing, foils or labeling steps, by integrating digital printing into the main production process means; being quicker, less inventory storage, more flexibility and… less costs. Changeover between jobs is a matter of minutes, text updates such as language changes, including adding variable data or even complete design changes can be done instantly. Digital print is on demand and without stock.

Bespoke Inkjet Production Printer

Qres Profile Printer

With major developments in inkjet technology, integrated industrial print solutions are being adopted more and more. Production lines are upgraded with customized inkjet printers where print is applied directly on final products instead of attaching printed foils, labels or using conventional contact methods such as silk screen or pad printing. Where simple black ink was previously used to print, today’s print solutions are further advanced and industrial color inkjet printing is well accepted and fully integrated in the production process.

Full-color print, primer coatings to ensure maximum adhesion, top coatings to improve scratch resistance and UV protection for outdoor usage, are key elements for today’s solutions.

For more than a decade, the team at Qres Technologies has been active in large format print solutions as well as customized production print solutions. At Qres we recognize that the need for industrial print has quadrupled. The growth comes from multiple sides including skipping label or foil costs, reducing inventory, decreasing changeover times, and producing smaller batches. In today’s more personalized world, there is an increasing demand to print designs on-demand and maintain print quality.Many products are eligible for industrial print and thanks to the increased ink resistance against UV-light, scratches and improved adhesion, we guarantee, together with our ink partners, that ink can be applied to your products and live up to your high demands.


In-line or off-line Digital printer with full color print on flat or rounded extruded profiles up to six meters long. Working with extremely durable inks with a high scratch resistance, excellent adhesion and strong UV-protection:

• Unlimited possibilities of aesthetic designs such as wood, stone, just bright colors or from complex to simple logo’s
• Short delivery times for new designs
• Offer on demand designs, which means that every print design can be different
• Be extreme fast in design changes, including the possibility to print samples
• Introduction of e-commerce orders is now possible
• Changeover between jobs is a matter of minutes
• Replacing foil and transfer processes
• Print on aluminum and plastic profiles
• Outdoor and indoor inks
• Strong UV-resistance
• Strong scratch resistance
• 3D texture build-up
• Over-edge printing process to print on 3 sides without visible overlays
• Ability to match other designs to realize uniformity

Qres Panel Printer

With unparalleled speed and print quality, Qres panel inkjet systems have been developed for high production environments as a replacement for conventional silk screen printers. A full format image is printed on every pass. Print layers of primers, white underlayers, full color, and protective topcoats are printed in the same process step.

Print artifacts associated with missing or deviated nozzles, and multipass swath boundaries are eliminated. The double print resolution produces incredibly sharp text and pictograms which could previously not been achieved. The Print heads are purged and cleaned using an automatic cleaning feature, so that print start up time and hassle is reduced and simplified. The QRES Panel printers are designed with modern production methods in mind. The entire single or multi-pass print job is completed in typically 1-2 or 6 passes (including primers, white underlayers, or topcoats).

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