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CGS wins Idealliance G7 System Certification with ORIS Lynx

Idealliance recognizes latest advancements in ORIS Lynx including G7 Curve Connect feature

Minneapolis, MN (May 30, 2017) – CGS Publishing Technologies International, LLC announces that ORIS Lynx has been awarded Idealliance G7 System Certification. G7 is a catalyst for achieving color consistency across varying print technologies. The achievement ensures that users can now benefit from a guaranteed industry-wide standard of excellence when using CGS color management technology.

ORIS Lynx is CGS’s cloud-based color management tool designed to deliver precise, repeatable color along with the ability to generate Custom ICC Profiles. The ORIS Lynx system validates industry standards like SWOP or GRACoL, then guides users step-by-step through the process of creating an ICC Output Profile or a Device Link Profile, each optimized for G7 calibration.

In contrast to competitive systems, ORIS Lynx calculates G7 correction curves directly, simplifying the calibration process and simultaneously establishing a measurable and uniform color management process.

A number of recent ORIS Lynx advancements were key to the certification of G7, Idealliance’s industry-leading set of best practices for managing gray balance. Pivotal among these is the new G7 Curve Connect feature, which enables process colors to be curved to meet certified G7 standards, producing gray balance and tonal characteristics defined by the G7 specification. With this capability, users of ORIS Lynx now have independent verification of CGS technology for facilitating consistent, repeatable color across jobs, presses/printers and processes.

The G7 Curve Connect feature can also be found in our OEM editions of ORIS Lynx. “Color management is crucial to our clients and partners. I can’t imagine selling an offset or a digital press without a controlled process for color managing it,” confirms Cory Sawatzki, Director of Digital Print Technology.

According to Sawatzki, in winning G7 System Certification, CGS has achieved a further significant milestone in its quest to keep pushing the boundaries of quality assurance for print providers worldwide: “The aim of CGS is the development of powerful proof and workflow software solutions to color manage every step from prepress to print production. Consistently and seamlessly producing repeatable color, day after day, is a core need of our customers. They need to be able to trust the tools that they use – this G7 Certification is a powerful endorsement of our own efforts here at CGS and the benefit of peace-of-mind to our customers.”


David Palmieri, VP of Marketing

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Marcus Goerlitz, VP of Sales

Tel: +1 (612) 870 0061

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