The Most Versatile Print and Proof Validation Solution

A great tool to expand on any of CGS ORIS’ color management products, CERTIFIED empowers users to validate any printed design – proofs, prints and packages. Not only does process CMYK color get checked against any print standard, critical brand and spot colors are also verified to ensure success.

EVALUATE is a web-based quality control dashboard for real-time monitoring of color printing devices, from anywhere in the world. Whether you have one printer or an entire fleet of presses, EVALUATE allows you to have a birds-eye-view of all the print performance metrics needed for your business.



Do I Need to Calibrate?

What is worse than an uncalibrated printer? An over-calibrated one! CERTIFIED allows for instant assessment of a printer’s color capabilities, all with a clear, objective benchmark. Time will no longer be wasted on excessive color adjustments and calibrations.

What is My Print Fleet Color Performance?

CERTIFIED not only includes all the industry print standards for print-validation, but it also allows for custom print aims to be created. As we can ensure multiple machines print alike, there will be no more guesswork on whether to offload a print job from one machine to another!

Qualifying a Remote Print Vendor? No Problem!

Our client-server architecture allows for CERTIFIED to communicate to our EVALUATE database, so any remote print partners can be qualified and validated in real-time, to ensure perfect print results!



All Industry Color Standards Under One Roof, Plus More!

Includes all GRACoL, FOGRA, ISO, 3DAP and Japan Color aims for global print standard validation, plus the ability to create unlimited custom print aims for process and spot color qualifications.


With real-time print condition and raw material consistency reporting, scheduling print jobs across machines, facilities and even countries becomes effortless!


Be free to expand with CERTIFIED and EVALUATE as your business demand grows; add printers, spectrophotometers, users and even workflow into our quality control dashboard with ease!

Software Subscription

CGS ORIS | AMERICAS offers the most flexible methods to implement print validation to fit your purchasing preferences. Both CERTIFIED and EVALUATE are available as annual software subscription models to best fit your business needs.


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