The World’s Best Contract Inkjet Proofing System

Not only did we create the first inkjet contract proofing solution back in 1998, over the past twenty years we have perfected it with unrivaled system automation, workflow efficiency, and proof accuracy.



GRACoL and FOGRA Certified Proofs in Minutes!

Generate contract proofs using an inkjet printer effortlessly. With our patented Automatic CMYK Color Matching we can meet the most stringent industry standards with just a few clicks.

Brand and Multichannel Colors? No Problem at All!

Spot colors are matched with ease using our unique spectral color engine, eliminating any need for manual color editing. Combined with the use of CxF data, we create color accurate spot color and extended gamut proofs.

Matching Multiple Proofers with Unequaled Color Accuracy

With our patented automatic color matching algorithm, we can create color accurate proofs that match to one another, whether in the same building, or on a different continent altogether.

Color accurate turnkey proofing system


Our system is compatible with inline spectrophotometers found in Epson, Canon and HP inkjet printers, allowing for automatic color matching to any given color standard. Color drifts are eliminated with scheduled and automated printer calibrations.

The result: worry-free contract inkjet proofs that save your business time, money and headaches!


COLOR TUNER’s web server-client architecture allows for seamless integration of remote proofers anywhere in the world. For those requiring color managed soft proofing, our built-in SoftPROOF plugin enables the proof approval process on a color managed display with only a few mouse clicks!


For customers requiring a screened contract proof, COLOR TUNER offers two powerful halftone options. Simply drop in pre-screened 1-Bit TIFF files from your plating workflow, or secondarily any PDF file to be processed by COLOR TUNER’s screening engine. Either deliver unrivaled color accurate halftone proofs.

Color Cloud Subscriptions

CGS ORIS | AMERICAS offers the most flexible methods to implement contract proofing to fit your purchasing preferences. Our proofing software is available as an annual software subscription model to best fit your business needs


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Executing color management and workflow successfully takes a carefully crafted roadmap and implementation plan. Whether you need help with a contract proofing system or designing a complete industrial print production line, CGS ORIS is here for you.

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