Cross-Fleet Color Management

PRESS MATCHER is the key to harmonized color across your entire production fleet. From conventional presses to digital to wide format. If you are having challenges achieving color accuracy across a wide variety of printing devices or simply looking for consistent repeatable color on a single press, PRESS MATCHER is the answer.



Gray Balance Is Key

Consistent gray balance is a cornerstone in achieving consistent and accurate color results. PRESS MATCHER’s award-winning technology focuses its color management processes on gray balance results. Delivering out of the box color accurate results, matching any production level device to a color standard of your choice.

Match Digital to Offset?

A large challenge in most print operations is the ability to align color between offset and digital presses. With PRESS MATCHER this need ease easily achieved. The iterative color management capabilities in the software remove the subjective process of color matching and makes the alignment of color a breeze!

Consistent & Repeatable Color

Achieving consistent and repeatable color should never be a challenge. Print production houses have relied on PRESS MATCHER for years to overcome their color consistency issues. PRESS MATCHER removes the subjective process of color analysis and delivers simple to use software that enables anyone to be a color management expert.



The INK SAVER module in PRESS MATCHER delivers unique GCR/UCR color management technology. This feature offers customers the ability to save on the total ink consumption in your printing process. An ideal solution for Web Offset, Wide Format and Inkjet Press printing systems. While ink savings produce an incredibly fast ROI, customers rave about all of the additional benefits achieved; faster print makeready, reduced ink drying time and overall enhanced print quality.


Take the guess work out of your color management process. With PRESS MATCHER’s patented iterative color management the subjective process of color matching is a thing of the past. PRESS MATCHER enables a completely objective approach to color management. With its simple to use wizard-based user interface, anyone can be a color management expert!


While PRESS MATCHER delivers powerful workflow tools and an incredibly powerful color server, there are instances where customers need the flexibility to create a device link profile that can be placed directly inside a digital front end or workflow system. PRESS MATCHER offers the unique flexibility to transform highly accurate color algorithms to standard profiles. These may be used in any workflow that supports device link or standard ICC profiles.

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