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Leverage Extended Gamut Ink Sets on Digital

As digital presses lack specific spot color inks, a real challenge in reproducing special colors is managing their accuracy with a fixed ink set. X GAMUT automates the conversion of spot colors to ensure the greatest level of accuracy on any digital press utilizing an extended fixed ink set.

Ideal for both Digital & Conventional Print Methods

X GAMUT puts you in control! With the ability to create custom extended gamut profiling targets, or use industry standardized targets, you have the ability to characterize print results on both digital and conventional presses. Whether printing on a Flexo or Offset press with an extended fixed ink set, X GAMUT delivers unparalleled results.

Automation is Essential

In today’s market, the ability to automate processes is essential to saving both time, and of course, money. In addition to X GAMUT’s multi-channel profiling capabilities, it delivers a complete workflow solution. Giving you the capability to process and separate thousands of jobs in a totally automated environment, X GAMUT works hand in hand with all other workflow systems and assists in streamlining your entire production process.



A strength of X GAMUT is the reproduction of vivid RGB color information. By making optimal use of the extended color gamut available, X GAMUT delivers stunning print results with vivid, saturated color – perfect for photo printing applications.

A key benefit of multicolor printing is the ability to replace the use of spot color inks with a fixed ink set, such as CMYKOGV. This enables the ability to combine multiple print jobs that would normally be printed separately. X GAMUT automates the accurate color separation of jobs and enhances the ability to print them at the same time – An excellent benefit for package printing.


X GAMUT has the unique ability to create multichannel profiles with up to 8 color separations while ensuring critical brand colors are precisely reproduced, offering endless possibilities regardless of separation sequences and fixed ink set combinations. In the rapidly evolving digital print market that continues to introduce unique fixed ink sets, X GAMUT delivers the flexibility required to efficiently color manage any new multicolor technology for the future growth of your business.

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