The challenge

The contract proof continues to be the standard of all color reproduction. It’s vital to understand and accurately communicate content well before the production process. No matter the size or industry, printing companies strive for consistency and look to match the highest level of quality to always achieve the most color accurate and colorfast quality with digital proofing.

Our solution

Our software allows designers to easily and cost-effectively produce their own proofs. Now even the most novice color experts can reliably and accurately predict printing results—whether the final product is printed across the street or across the globe. With more than thirty years in the graphic arts industry, it’s easy to see why our software is the proofing standard for thousands of companies worldwide. We not only provide the best-in-class proofing system, but we’re continually making improvements based on customer needs to ensure the highest, most consistent quality proofing results.


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Executing color management and workflow successfully takes a carefully crafted roadmap and implementation plan. Whether you need help with a contract proofing system or designing a complete industrial print production line, CGS ORIS is here for you.

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With over thirty years of color management expertise, we pride ourselves to be the leader in color workflow automation solutions and professional services for all the printing industries we serve.

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