The challenge

Traditionally, it’s been difficult to produce modern, color-accurate packaging proofs and packaging samples in a simple and efficient manner. While inkjet is most often the technology of choice, it can’t be used on actual packaging substrates—leaving prototypes unreliable and flat. The roadblock then becomes speed to market, as waiting for new product mockups generated on the actual packaging substrates can delay production schedules. Brand colors are central to the packaging industry and spot colors can be found on almost every package—however, managing the workflow and accurately producing mockups often leads to challenges.

Our solution

By working closely with the packaging industry, we have developed tools specifically tailored to the needs of this high-growth market. Our software allows clients to create color-accurate packaging proofs and packaging samples in a simple, efficient workflow. We also provide a large portfolio of packaging-specific substrates designed to meet the unprecedented demand for complex mock-ups in the packaging market.

Folding Carton + Emboss + Varnish

We provide the only inkjet-based packaging solution delivering color accuracy, spot varnish, embossing and foiling effects. This video showcases our ability to create a folding carton prototype with added embossing and spot varnish embellishments in minutes!



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