The challenge

Do you require a need to quickly and efficiently capture décor, artwork or apparel materials? There are limitless applications and requirements for digital image capture as it relates to the home decor, cultural heritage and art recreation markets. We deliver a full range of services for all of your surface scanning needs, enabling you to create a diverse digital library of image, surface and reflectance captures. This service provides an efficient process to design, market and manufacture products like wallcoverings, wood flooring, carpet and ceramic tile. There is even the ability to capture fine art pieces and many applications for the apparel industry.

Many times the financial investment in a METIS scanner may be out of reach for a variety of reasons, or a business may lack the bandwidth to provide in-house image capture services.

Our solution

Equipped with the most advanced METIS scanners in the world, our professional services team can help capture not only the color data of your materials, but also the texture, reflectiveness, and gloss data needed for the most advanced visualization tools, and industrial printing and manufacturing lines.

Whether you have a one-time image surface capture project or a need for continual material scanning services, we are here to help. Our material scanning services provide customers with image data that can be used not only in the manufacturing of product prototypes and finished goods, but also 3D-specific files that helps architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage their products.

300 Pixels Per Inch (Upscale to 3200ppi)
48"x 12 " Metis Software Stitching 85" x 120"
1 Scans Completed

Service Offerings

Metis 1440x960 color

High resolution, diffused color MAP data can be furnished to clients, in either 8-bit or 16-bit photo image file format.

Metis 1440x960 depth

3D depth MAP information can also be leveraged by inkjet printers to replicate texture, or CGI-rendering applications to produce photo-realistic texture visualizations.

Metis 1440x960 glossy

Glossiness MAP data allows for CGI, BIM, and AEC systems to easily create accurate light reflections for the material in any environment recreation application.

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