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With its roots stemming from the imaging arm of the European Space Agency, METIS prides itself with highly innovative products and unique capabilities, with customers ranging from national libraries, archives, and cartographic institutes, to the leaders in the decor industry with installations around the globe.

METIS for Décor Industry

METIS scanners are the ultimate solution for the decor industry. Their unique technology has a wide variety of applications for a number of different market sectors – from flooring, ceramics and natural stone, wallpapers, textiles, to engraving cylinders and press plates, and even CAD and 3D visualization – METIS does it all!

METIS for Cultural Heritage

A leader in the cultural heritage market, METIS has a reputation for outstanding image quality and performance. With easy-to-use software and unrivaled reliability, METIS scanners are a perfect fit for any library, archive, museum, university, art gallery, cartographic institute, restoration firm, or even private collections.



All METIS scanners have the revolutionary and distinctive capability of calculating 3D data directly from 2D color data. This exclusive feature, combined with its unique capability of obtaining a Glossiness map, confirms METIS as the most innovative and technologically advanced scanner manufacturer in the world.

Metis 1440x960 color

METIS scanners are the only devices in the market capable of providing suitable 3D data for the most demanding Decor applications – even with perfect in-register results to the 2D captured color information.

Through the generation of high-resolution 3D data directly from 2D color information, METIS ensures that all color and texture of a captured object is always in perfect register.

METIS 3D data is suitable for applications such as cylinder/press-plate engraving, ceramic tile embossing and digital printing with embossing effects!


Thanks to the patented METIS DC SynchroLight technology, all METIS DRS and DCS scanners have the unique ability to capture multiple light settings at once. The resulting “SuperScan” can then be re-mixed using different light schematics in real-time. Scan results can be ‘styled’ post-process, without having to re-scan the original, saving valuable time and money. Your design possibilities are limitless!


METIS Scanners for Industrial Print

METIS Scanners for Cultural Heritage

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