The challenge

How color is communicated and transported for reproduction is antiquated and, in most cases, controlled by a handful of companies with their own insufficient proprietary formats and systems. Without the ability to store, house, and validate custom color definitions—much less share color information between facilities—brand owners are increasingly frustrated with their current third-party supply chain partners.

Our solution

Organize color and accurately communicate all spectral properties with everyone along the supply chain. Now, everyone from brand owners to prepress companies and packaging designers can be in sync and securely communicate color information in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Communicating Brand Colors Using CxF Spectral Data

From initial design to the final printed product, color communication needs to be reliable, effective, and easy – the ability to organize brand color information with all its print-related properties provides answers for these requirements. CXF TOOLS is the perfect solution to streamline your brand color development!

Brand Color Communication_CXF__EN_Function


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