Contract Color Package Proofs and Prototypes

Flex Pack is the most color accurate package proofing and prototyping system in the market. It’s the only inkjet-based packaging solution delivering color accuracy, spot varnish, embossing and foiling effects.

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Dressed for Success!

Color accuracy is a key component of the FLEX PACK system, but special effects are a must-have for a fully dressed package prototype. FLEX PACK is the only system that offers the ability to create stunning prototypes that look just like the production product, including spot varnishes, embossing, and even foil effects.

Brand Color Accuracy

One of the most crucial needs in package proofing is the accuracy of brand colors. FLEX PACK’s spectral color engine and support of CxF data matches brand colors with ease. Fighting brand color accuracy is a thing of the past! Our system enables you to create color-accurate package proofs and prototypes every time.

Proof and Prototype on Production Substrates

An integral part of producing package proofs and prototypes is the ability to see your design on the same substrate you will print on. FLEX PACK offers end-users the ability to produce packages on the widest variety of substrates, from shrink film to carton packages – the sky is the limit! Select from a limitless number of substrates found in our full line of PackPROOF media.

Perfect Package Proofs Every Time!


An absolute requirement when bringing your package design to life, spot color accuracy is critical when creating package proofs and prototypes. FLEX PACK delivers a variety of tool sets for enabling the most accurate spot colors on your proofs. Leverage CxF and our unique Spectral Color Engine to achieve the most color-accurate brand colors.

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A key benefit of FLEX PACK is its ability to print designs in the same laydown order as your production printing process. With FLEX PACKS’s multi-pass printing feature you have complete control over the separation sequence of your printed job. Double hits of white… No problem!

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FLEX PACK offers end users a variety of output resolutions and mirrors the appearance of actual press output. The inkjet-based solution delivers exceptional quality output in its standard continuous tone mode. With the addition of the ScreenDot enhancement feature, FLEX PACK also delivers proofs with the exact screen ruling and dot pattern as your plated files.

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Get Samples!

See the results for yourself. CGS ORIS will provide printed samples for your review with a variety of our enhancement features applied, including spot varnish, embossing and foiling effects.



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