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Interprint – METIS PM3D

METIS Scanners: The Ultimate Solution for the Decor Industry

Interprint is an international decor printing company. They are one of the worldwide market leaders in their sector with around 1,400 employees worldwide. Interprint applies wood, stone and creative decors to the surfaces of numerous wood-based materials which are then used to manufacture furniture or flooring and interior fit-out elements.

“Scanning is faster and crisper. There has definitely been a time savings, probably close to half.”
Matt Schwartz, Reprographics Manager

Interprint recently installed a METIS PM3D scanner at their Pittsfield, Massachusetts location to scan materials such as wood and stone for decor surfaces. The METIS PM3D was purchased to replace an older scanner. “When we saw METIS scanners, we knew they were something new that had distinct features that we thought would be valuable to our business.”

Integration from Interprint’s previous scanner to a METIS scanner was a smooth process. “Set up for the scanner took about a week. The METIS Scan Director and Light Inspector Software were very user friendly and easy to learn.” The METIS Light Inspector software was a significant deciding factor in our decision to partner with CGS ORIS and METIS. “We ultimately purchased the METIS scanner because of the Light Inspector Software. Being able to change and choose different light directions post scan was a big plus for us.” The software is also available as a standalone purchase which allows Interprint to provide the proprietary adjustable scan files to their customers, “We are able to provide MDC scan files to customers if they have purchased METIS Light Inspector software.”

“A big plus for us is being able to infinitely adjust the lighting on the scans without having to rescan materials.” Matt Schwartz, Reprographics Manager at Interprint

Interprint has seen many benefits of working with METIS and CGS ORIS. Time savings have been considerable for Interprint. “Scanning is faster and crisper. There has definitely been a time savings, probably close to half.” CGS ORIS works hard to make sure their customers are supported in a quick and convenient manner. “One of the best things about working with CGS ORIS has been the customer service. They have always been there when we need help on both the technical and mechanical sides.”

“This scanner allows us to scan the material faster and then adjust the light settings post scan to achieve different results with that same material. Allowing us to use that same material different ways without having to rescan anything.” METIS Light Inspector software not only allows lighting angles to be changed post scan but also for scans to be enhanced. “In METIS Light Inspector we use the light gradient boost slider and the sharpen tools most often.”

Higher quality scans and a quicker turnaround time have led to customers sending more work to the company. “We have seen a definite increase of work to scan coming in from our customers. Some have commented that the scans of their materials are vastly improved.” New business opportunities have surfaced for Interprint as well, with the METIS PM3D. “We now have a European customer that has asked us for MDC files to make their plates. We will also occasionally scan items for local businesses and artists.”

“One of the best things about working with CGS ORIS has been the customer service.” Matt Schwartz, Reprographics Manager at Interprint

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